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There are many varieties of motor sport, featuring four-or two-wheeled vehicles and taking place on special circuits, regular roads, or rough country tracks. Motorsport includes all forms of motor racing as well as non-racing motorized sports. Motor sports on four wheels ranges from Formula One grand prix racing and Indy car racing to Karting, which is the sport in which many top drivers first experience motor racing. In between, there are various other types of racing including dragster, sports car, and stock car racing, as well as rally driving. The two wheeled sports range from powerful grand prix motor cycle racing to motocross and speedway. Cars and motorcycles are constantly modified to make them faster and more reliable. Globally, all motor sport is governed by the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile). The FIA appoints an ASN (National Sporting Authority) for each of its member countries. The ASN is the only recognized holder of the Sporting Power for all branches of motor sport in its country. There is only one ASN per country.

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