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Panama is cut into two parts by the Panama Canal, and occupying the southernmost part of Central American. It is occupies an area of 78,200 sq. kilometers. Panama City is the capital and important business centers, providing financial, banking, and insurance services. The main languages are Indian languages, English, Creole, and Spanish is their official language. The majority of the population is mestizo. Balboa is the official currency of Panama. Some 15,000 ships pass through the Canal every year, earning Panama a valuable toll fee. The United States of America built this Canal and it links the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean. It is more than 65 kilometers long and passes through three sets of locks. Panama has an important and busy fishing fleet, the leading catch is anchovetas, shrimps, which forms eleven per cent of the country's export, and other catches include lobsters and herrings. Small fishes are used for fishmeal.

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