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A tiny country Honduras is located in the Central America and it shares land borders by three countries Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Honduras accommodates a population 748 million population. About ninety per cent of Hondurans are mestizos, of mixed European and Native Americans descent, and the Garifuna and the languages they speak are Garifuna, English, Spanish, and Creole. Staple food here, consists of rice and cassava soup with the combination of seafoods, meat, and stews. The dominant religion in this region is Christianity. Tegucigalpa, the capital and the largest city of the Honduras. It is the gold and silver mining center. Honduras relied on bananas and timber for many years as the main source of income. Hurricane Mitch in the year 1998 wiped out Honduras, and this storm caused a damage of $3 billion and devastated the banana plantains and the related industry. Thus, coffee, shrimps, flowers, fresh fruits, and melons have replaced banana the country main export.

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