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Guatemala is Central America's largest country and the most densely populated ones, and once upon a time, it was the hub of the Mayan civilization. About half of Guatemala's people are of Mayan descent and Quetzal is their official currency. Most of the populations live in the western highlands, growing crops and raising livestock, which are traded at the local markets. Plantations like sugarcane, coffee, bananas, and cottons for export. The main languages are Cakchiquel, Spanish, Mam, Quiche, and Kekchf. Tourism, in Guatemala is a major industry; every year about 500,000 people visit the country's Mayan ruins. People from distant hamlets use weekly markets as channel to socialize and keep abreast of local news. Guatemalan factories produce rubber goods, food items, paper, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. Tikal, long ago a great Mayan city had about 40,000 inhabitants that was founded in about 600 BC and flourished until AD 890, was suddenly deserted.

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Co-operative Education

Based in Cincinnati and Guatemala city, providing educational resources and opportunities to school children.

Guatemal Art

Wholesale supplier of beaded jewelry, hats, clothing, hammocks and other Guatemalan accessories.


Providing Guatemala tours and travel packages to groups and individual travelers, since 1988.

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