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It is a smaller country in Central America, with rugged landscape that includes more than 20 volcanoes. El Salvador is Central America's most densely populated country. The population is estimated as 63,77, 879 people and is growing at about two and half percent a year. Almost ninety per cent of the populations are Mestizos and three-quarters are Roman Catholics. San Salvador is the capital city and the most important political, educational, financial, and cultural center. The lava and the thick layer of the volcanic ashes provide for deal conditions for farming cash crops such as coffee. More than one-third are farmers who scrape their living in the highlands and their agro products are sugarcane, sorghum, rice, and edible beans. A vast tract of forests including mahogany, cedar, and oak has been felled for their timber and for export purposes. Due to deforestation, only five per cent of El Salvador is still forested.

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