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Belize is a small country in Central America on the western Caribbean Sea. The countries bordering Belize are Guatemala and Mexico. The country occupies an area of the population of the country is 200,000, and it has two largest groups Creoles and Mestizos. The major population speaks languages including Garifuna, English Creole, Maya, and Spanish. Belizean dollar is the monetary unit of Belize. Belize City was the country's chief port and its capital for many years, in 1960 tidal wave and hurricane caused severe damage, therefore a new capital Belmopan was built in the centre of the country. The Belize people earn their living in different ways like construction, agriculture merchandising, and tourism. Barrier reef protects Belize's swampy coastal plains from flooding. This reef is the world's second largest barrier reef, and supports a wide variety of colorful fishes. The major exports from this country are sugar, banana, and forestry products.

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