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Costa Rica is the peaceful stable country in Central America. The majority of the population is made up of mainly the Mestizos of Spanish origin. The languages for communication among them include Bribri, Creole, English, Spanish, and Cabecar. The capital city San Josť was discovered in the year 1737. San Josť has food-processing factories and is a commercial centre. Costa Rican Colon is the currency of Costa Rica. Costa Rica was the first Central American country to grow the coffee beans; and its coffee is some of the worlds finest and fetches a high price. These beans are grown in the black volcanic soils near the San Josť. More than twenty per cent of Costa Rica's land has been set aside to create a network of national parks. Many ecotourists are attracted to this country's resident wildlife such as the armadillos, crocodiles, jaguars, and giant sea turtles.

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CB Manuel Antonio

Browse for large selection of real estate properties for sale in all areas of Costa Rica.

Easy Ride Costa Rica

Based in San Jose, provides friendly transportation services in small modern minibuses and buses deluxe.

Homes of Life

Organization dedicated to help orphaned children through child sponsorship programs and christian mission trips.

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