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Blogs are a new technology relatively like the web. Tim Berner Lee, the inventor of web, created the first blog in 1992, when he built the first web page that is “OATMAN 2005”. Blogs are simply “Web Logs” written by people that meant to comment on special subjects of interest and wish to post, news information and points of view in the internet similar to a dairy. Blogs are generally written in a quick informal style and include links to other web sites. Blogging is a part of the process that started with the internet and that is changing the global communications. Blog is the one way for individuals to publish material like cars, about auto shows, new cars, used cars, reviews and market news, automotive media, buying information, price quotes, and models information and so on.

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Gives information about auto shows, new cars, used cars, reviews and market news.

Features automotive media, news on new cars, buying guide, motor sports, and the auto industry.

Automotive News

Provides automotive news, car prices, car care tips, and photographs.

Provides variety of models car reviews, price quotes, articles, buying information, and car care tips.


Gives latest cars news, reviews, models information and more.

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