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Hybrid and electric cars are the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the market today. These vehicles are the first step to reduce environmental pollution with the use of automobile without losing comfort and pleasure and extended driving range. Pollution, global warming and oil shortages led to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles. The hybrid and motor car can draw energy from battery and put them back. Hybrid and electric vehicles with the combination of gasoline engines, large battery and electric motors. Some of the advanced technologies typically used by hybrid and electric vehicles are, Automatic Start/Shutdown, Regenerative Braking, and Electric Motor/Assist. Hybrid vehicle technology can be used in most segments of the car market that includes all mid- and high-priced cars, city buses and delivery trucks.

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Hybrid Center

Offers hybrid electric car news and a guide to future hybrid models and a look at upcoming legislation regarding hybid technology.

Offers hybrid electric car infomations and a guide to recent and future hybrid verity of models.

Provides articles on hybrid electric cars, shopping tools information and blog entries.

Wikipedia-Hybrid Car

Gives information about recent technology electric motors, electrical generator and battery rechargers and more.

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