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Any device or implement that is used to carry out mechanical functions or by machine is called as tools. These tools are employed for various purposes. Any that which has been purchased and has parts and accessories attached to it a tool kit is been provided. Tools kits are supplied to the automotive during the time of purchase. These kits have nuts and bolt losers, allows removing certain parts to verify the problems relating to the vehicles. Providing these tools kits helps to drivers in times of needs where he can assist him for small issues or troubleshooting with automobiles without the help of the mechanic. This tools kit enables the individual just to correct the minor issues and not the major issues related to the automobiles. The major issues relating a automobiles can solve by consulting a dealer himself.

Website Listings

GTM Cars

Provides company and contact information, as well as car pictures and descriptions.

Kit Car Builders

Provides technical specifications, gallery, links and information to find donor cars and parts.

Features buyer guides, classified ads, brochures, article and automobile photography handbook.

Madabout Kitcars

Provides information about current U.K. kit cars, and manufacturers.

Teal Cars

Offers guides on building, and driving the teal type more than 30 Bugatti replica.

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