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Certain safety tips are to be followed by individuals while driving one's vehicles on roads may be termed as a safety drive. An individual driving a vehicle should pay full attention and avoid any distractions completely like speaking on a phone, listening to music, talking to fellow passengers. It is the core responsibility of the vehicle owner to keep his vehicle at the best condition to in order to avoid accident while on road driving. The person driving must adhere to the maximum speed limit avoiding situations like jumping red light. Stick to the rules and regulations framed by the motor vehicles act. Therefore, it's necessarily required by the automobile owner to comply with the rules laid by the traffic departments.

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AOL Autos-Car Safety

Provides safe driving tips, news, articles, new car safety technologies.

Provides information on driving, automotive technology, training, enforcement, etc.

Manchester Driver Training

One of the premier providers of driving lessons throughout the North West. The lessons we provide are done so by a team of experienced driving instructors. More Details

The Center for Auto Safety

Provide consumers a voice for auto safety, focused on auto safety and consumer issues.

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