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Motorcycles are a two-wheeled vehicle that helps individual engaged in day-to-day activities of lives. It is basically a motor driven vehicle without the pedal-propulsion. The different types of motorcycles are racing motorcycle, factory-customized or tourer, sports model and Motocross motorcycle. The earliest attempts to create the motorized bicycle is the Michaeux Perreaux Velocipede and it was produced in France in the year 1869 and similarly other model had been made at the same time by S.H Roper in America these bicycles was a combination of wooden frame and a small steam engine. Modern motorcycles machines are infinitely more sophisticated with internal combustion engines. Designs of these motorcycles are tailored to suit a wide range of uses from competitive racing to touring and cater to everyday use.

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Offers news, accessories, mailing list, models, dealers and racing information.

Manufacturer of custom American V-twin motorcycles.

Gives information about Ducati, bikes, maintenance, accessories, dealers, services and racing.

Motorcycle USA

Official guide to the world of motorcycling, tests and reviews for bikers and racers.

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