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Global Positioning Systems is abbreviated as GPS. It is a facility based on the reception of signals from an array of orbiting satellites. GPS is entangled on accuracy, worldwide navigational and surveying facilities. This detects signals from a network of satellites or space craft rather from the bound beacons. GPS receiver has the capacity to calculate distance between the satellite and the receiver to provide the location of the receiver. Modern navigational aids use complex electronics' and are very accurate. Many aircraft have an automatic computerized navigation system and this system consists of a GPS receiver and computerized maps. Thus, the aircrafts steering is automatically adjusted to maintain the craft on the correct course. The ships also operate with similar systems.

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Auto Nav 2000 Plus Inc

GPS navigation systems offers automotive handheld sales, support, training, photo galleries and more.

Driven GPS

Offers a variety of automotive, outdoor, fitness, marine GPS equipment and accessories.

GPS Tracking-LandAirSea

GPS Tracking USA manufacturer for fleet, law enforcement and teen driving. More Details

Navigation Street

Offers a selection of value priced GPS systems, auto GPS navigation systems, motorcycle GPS systems, vehicle tracking systems, and Garmin GPS system options.

Polar GPS

Provides guide to buy a selection of products and help you find the right GPS.

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