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Entertainment offers the much needed diversion from the hectic and strenuous everyday life. Movies, theatre and televisions are integral elements of the entertainment field that provide a few light moments. A field that encompasses a wide variety of activities, entertainment has something for everyone to indulge in whatever be the tastes and preferences. The performers or people in the field of entertainment who ensure that you are kept entertained are referred to as entertainers.Media is the channel of communication. Media and entertainment are closely linked as media provides entertainers with the platform to display their skills and talents. Media or the channels of communication too are many depending on the target audience they need to appeal to. Newspapers, television, radio are all important media that are used to communicate information be it a social message, news or for entertainment. Media and entertainment are two important pillars of any society.

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918kiss Original Version Malaysia -

Online Slot Games for online slots gamers in South East Asia (SE Asia) such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. More Details


Provides over 140 free digital television channels, high definition content, recording/pause and rewind live tv facilities and even on demand content via iPlayer. More Details


Mobile disc jockey that specializes in mitzvahs, weddings, sweet 16 thoughtout New York. More Details

Classical Guitarists-Alive Network

The world's largest online booking service, have posted a blog featuring their Classical Guitarists. More Details

Denon DJ Prime 4

Learn about the latest DJ controller product from Denon DJ, the Prime 4. More Details


Provide professional DJ equipment such as PA systems, mixers, decks, disco lights and much more. More Details


Provides direct links to online newspapers and magazines around worldwide.

Fun Play Online

Offers new online flash games, fun play, motor bike games and more.

One of the most licensed sites available for various platforms, whether for software or games, where customers can purchase game currency, game currency,game items,game account,game CD Keys and software since it was established in 2004.   More Details

Mynet Okey Oyunu Oyna

Online okey game community, offers stone games, card games, top games, puzzle games, and more. More Details

Provides latest news, top stories, business, sports headlines with videos, photo galleries and more.

Offers online casino games and their exciting way from ancient time to modern gambling.

Provides streaming internet broadcasts of Asian TV shows, online videos, 3D animations, and short films from Asia.

Song Lyrics Book-Lyric Songation

A book of song lyrics, chelated, festivals, rap, tatras, chants, supplications, tamyat, song, shilah, titers, anthem, chant, anthem, supplication and a full written patty information and details. More Details

Stephen Coleclough

Based in the UK, provides an award-winning wedding disco service combining high customer satisfaction, value for money and a bevy of floorfilling tunes. More Details


Lots of fun free trivia quizzes on a wide range of topics and we add new quizzes on a regular basis. More Details

TV Aerials Company

Specialises in TV aerial and satellite installations for digital TV. Freeview digital TV requires no monthly charges and can be received through a digital TV aerial. More Details

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