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Music is an art. Music is a Medium of sound. Common elements of music are pitch and its governed melody and harmony. The word music derived from Greek word “mousike”, meaning the art of the Music. Rhythm is associated with concepts like tempo, meter, and articulation, dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. Musicology is the study related to the subject of music. Music to an extent has a great impact on human beings life. Music is a source of entertainment, which the gets the human brain to the state of relaxation. Music was an important part of cultural and social life. The inventions of the radio and gramophone brought professional music into the home for first time. Generally music is for group performance, which is known to entertainment. Indian classical music is based on sets of notes called “ragas” and “rhythmic” patterns are known “talas”. The musical instruments create mild music, which spreads harmony, peaceful situation and creates pleasant environment altogether. Music has many different fundamentals or elements.

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Las Vegas Shows

Offers events and entertainment, headliners, musical & comedy show tickets, dinner show packages, magic & adult show tickets, hotels, tours & attractions. More Details

London Musicals-Visit London

Offers widest selection of bookable London theatre tickets, west end shows and musicals. More Details

LoveCat Music

Provides information about music licenses for cinema, TV and multimedia.

Offers music, sounds effects, news, catalog, and contact information.

Music Reports Inc

Offers direct music licensing services, clearance services for TV, film, advertising, and new media.

Sony Music

Offers videos, music, photos and more.

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