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The Lumiere brothers held the first public film screening, in a room below a Persian café in 1895. The black and white images flickered on the silent screen, yet the audiences were enthralled. The magic of the movies has continued ever since. One of the best loved comedians of the silent screen is Charlie Chaplin he appeared in over sixty short films and eleventh full length comedies. His characterization in the movies keeps a track of scene of humour despite great hardship. His movies were based on the observations of poor people on the streets of London. The movies technology developed rapidly, where sound arrived in 1927, colours in 1930's. Today's complex films often involve stunning special effects. It's vital to the success of a movie to cost actors and actresses who suits their parts artistically. Director is a person responsible for the artistic side of the film making process.

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Film Reviews and Computer Games-Filmtronic

Source to find film reviews and computer games. The reviews have filmography/cast links to IMDB and an amazon purchase link. Also can preview computer games via a demo link before purchasing them for download or immediate online play. More Details

Online source for movies, reviews, times, photos, fans and Hollywood news.

Offers Movie downloading made easy with the use of the right file sharing program.

Provides breaking entertainment movie news, reviews, entertainment industry events, and Hollywood awards.

Your Daily Media

Provides entertainment updated daily with videos, movies, links, animations, games and pictures.

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