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Television is one of the chief miracles of science. Television is a powerful means of mass communication. In the media of mass communication, we have all radio, newspaper, magazines and journals. Radio and television are electronic media, while the remaining are print media. John Baird of England invented in 1926. ‘Tele' means distances and vision means ‘sight'. It's a device through which not only sound is transmitted but also pictures. Television is the great source of entertainment and amusement. It educates its viewers; even illiterate can learn a lot by watching television it transmits news, current affairs, entertainment programmes and films. It also telecast sponsored programmes, documentaries and commercials. Besides, it telecast for rural people programmes on family welfare, community development, animal husbandry, agriculture, literacy, etc. television is greatly helpful in shaping the public opinion and intimating mass on vital issues of national and international life. During calamities such as floods, cyclones and earthquakes it warns the affected and non affected people to move to the places of safety.

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CBS News

Online news provided by television broadcast company CBS and brings you world news, national news, political, business and entertainment news.

Official site of CBS television network, provides a history of the network and ownership information.


Provides news and reviews on the latest LED TV models. More Details

Pakistan tv website with information on drama serials, talk shows and live channels. More Details

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