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Smiling can simply, imply a sense of humor and a state of amusement. People of all ages and cultures respond to humor. Humor is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter. The study of humor, and its psychological and physiological effects on the human body, is called gelotology. The term ‘humor' derived from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humors, control human health and emotion. Humor can be verbal, visual, or physical. Humor is also described as an ingredient in spiritual life. An object or a person can become funny in three different ways. They are, by behaving in an unusual way, by being in an unusual place, by being the wrong size. Thus “the more you know humour, the more you become demanding in fineness”. There is always misuse of the term "humor” to mean any type of comedy. However, both "humour" and "comic" are often used when theorizing about the subject. Humor frequently contains an unexpected, often sudden, shift in perspective, which gets assimilated; it would be very difficult to explain humor to a hypothetical person who did not have a sense of humor already. No men have time enjoying, relaxing or freshening up his mind by laughing out loud. In to day's busy scheduled machine life, people forget to the humor, or added to their daily life activities. Research shows that humor plays a vital role in every human beings life, so much so that it decreases diseases in body by increasing one's life span.

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Features photo galleries, comedy, musical and documentary video clips.

Effin Family

The Effin Family web cartoon features a typical American dysfunctional family. Like a lot of families, the bickering is non-stop. More Details

Funny Jokes-LaffGaff

Offers funny jokes and humor covering a wide range of topics. Witty quotes, short jokes and one liners, pick up lines, puns and lots more. More Details


Features a collection of funny, short jokes and source for funny jokes on the web. More Details

Goodie Bag

Provides collection of clips and videos on a variety of categories.

Peculiar Poetry

Offers collection of over three hundred humorous poems by contemporary English writers.


Offers variety image and animation gallery, includes visual and sheep-related humor.

Short and Funny

Offers short jokes, one liners, funny sayings and quotes. More Details

The Laugh Lab

Provides collection of categorized jokes and humour articles.

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