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An undertaking or a commercial speculation where monetary funds are put up for a speculative business investment. A good business plan is not only important in developing the opportunity but also essential in determining the resources required obtaining those resources and thus managing successfully results in a venture. The resources needed for starting the venture must also be determined the downside risks associated with insufficient or inappropriate resources should also be assessed regularly. Capital investment plan should be made within the framework of general. Investment principles and forces on a fair return on investment generate and build up. The investment is usually for a period of five to seven years. The venture capital is used to expand the business.

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Online resource to assist entrepreneurs in raising venture capital.

Venture Capital Update

Provides funding news on new media and internet related VC fundings through investment banks and venture capital.


Provides the latest information about venture capital, venture-backed technology companies, venture capital firms and transactions in the United States.

vFinance Inc

Directory of venture capital resources and related services.

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