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The imposition or payment of Tax can be the exact meaning of taxation. It is a contribution towards state revenue. It is that situation that is compulsorily viewed on individuals, property, or businesses. In most developing countries, the taxation policy aims at the promotion of agriculture & industry. In early stages of the developmental program for small scale industries the Government had provided a member of taxation benefits with adequate incentives. Taxation have two important objectives that is to promote investment in industries & to provide relief to income tax excise duty, sales tax, electricity duty Apart from these, small scale industries are entitled to central capital. In the present context of rapid economic development particularly in the rural areas, taxation benefits must be viewed in relation to the need for increasing investment in small industries & ancillary industries and discouraging speculative investments in unproductive activities.

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Department of Taxation and Finance-New York

Provides all tax information, sales tax law changes, payment and refund status, tax certificate and more.

Internal Revenue Service

Tax collection agency, provides income tax forms, instructions, agency publications, and online newspaper.

Tax Return Online-CityTaxAccountants

Tax return service provider of choice for individuals and business owners in Australia. More Details

Provides information on all phases of tax planning, extensions and resources for personal tax preparation.

Provides tax, payroll services and accounting related resources.

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