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Merchant account is an account that enables merchants to accept credit payments. These accounts can be obtained through banks, credit card Company, or other payment processors. Any merchant who wants to take credit orders must establish a merchant accounts. There main categories of merchant accounts are:- Retail merchant accounts- in this account the merchant can avail offers of lowest transaction fee but often has restrictive rules. Retail accounts are usually related with businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, small hotels. Moto merchant accounts these types of accounts of a merchant usually process credit payments by entering the credit card information directly into a terminal installed on a PC or through a normal web browser to process transactions on a payment service providers' web site. Internet accounts are similar to the moto accounts, but this account can only be used for internet accounts and use a virtual terminal to process credit payments. These payments are now included with most business web hosting packages and custom designed HTML forms or a shopping cart application. Thus, it's important to choose a right type of merchant account for the kind of business that is being conducted.

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Provides online services such as credit card , electronic check payments and funds transfer.

Offers merchant accounts and secure real-time credit card processing services for Canadian.

RBS WorldPay

Offers online payment processing service for all type of businesses.

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