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‘POLY VASTRA‘which means any cloth woven on hand loom in all country. Textile is one of the largest industries as any industry. These Industries are capable of offering employment opportunities at the place of residence to a large section of population. Textiles & Non wovens have the capacity to correct regional imbalances by initiating industrial activities. These are labour intensive that ensure centralization of economic power & elimination of monopolistic exploitation. Non wovens & textiles provide ample scope for the promotion of artistic achievement and creativity. Textiles & Non wovens will strive to build up village republics and efficient use of human resources development. These industries require less gestation period on the other hand they produce goods of common necessities on the other. Thus, these industries possess an additional advantage where in the maximum participation of woman folk can be ensured.

Website Listings

All About Leather

Provides information for the leather technology, history, types and processing of leather.

Tech Exchange

On-line trade publication and sourcing portal for the apparel, textile and home furnishings industries. Offers News, calendar of events, software and hardware, bookstore and job.

The Leather Conservation Centre

Offers a comprehensive service in the conservation and restoration of leather objects of historic, and information resource for the leather industry.

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