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Each and Every business is an economic activity leading to the creation of form utility, place utility and time utility. Business services are a system that is created to satisfy the society's needs and desires. Business services are the indispensable part of life. The main concern of any business is to render services according to the tastes and preferences of the customers. First of all services vary as to whether they are equipment based or people based. Business services can be classified based on the level of specialization adding to the list, they are travel agent, reservation system, internet and so on. Thus, Business service is a any act or performance that one party can offer another that is essentially tangible and does not result in the ownership of anything. Now a day's Business services is enacting discipline and have become more professional and in today's busy scheduled world Business services are seen on commercial basis and therefore much focus is on marketing of services & profit motive.

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Africa Business Information Services

Provides reliable information on African countries, including economic and political profiles, profiles of key personalities and details of investment.

CWS Marketing Group

Provides comprehensive marketing and sales services throughout the United States. Clients include government agencies real estate developers and financial institutions.


Provides international trade data and foreign trade data of USA, China, UK and for various other countries available at Cybex Exim, providing current, precise.

Kris Flexipacks

Kris Flexipacks is a global flexible packaging company providing packaging solutions for food and beverages. Kris specializes in garment packaging, retail packaging, and industrial packaging.

Lone Star Auctioneers Inc

Provides online auction services for federal and covering a wide variety of clients.

Tcs Radio

Offers communication equipment rentals including laptop, two way radios, walkie talkie, and push to talk cell phone rentals for events and conventions.

Volvo Spares & Parts

Offers Manufacturer and Exporter of Volvo truck spare parts, Engine parts, Transmission parts, Hydraulic Parts, Body Parts, Electrical Parts. We are supplier of complete range of volvo trucks.

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