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Fraternal organizations are a group or a company that is formed with a common interest or includes a same professionalism. Fraternal is based on the Latin word Frater which means brother. A fraternal organization is a formal organization. Fraternity organization can be referred to the following such as a trade union, secret society, a social club, friendly society and a benefit club. The fraternal organization is entirely different from other socially formed organization. In a fraternal kind of organization members freely associate with each other for a mutual understanding rather than for religious purpose, governmental policies or for any commercial purpose.

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Fraternal World

Provides article, news, links to fraternal organizations, message board and chat room.

Offers current news, reference sites, blogs, forums, museums, libraries, magazines, and research.

Organization Fraternal

Source to find information on lodges, temples, legions, masonic, associations and more.

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