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Any product before being introduced to the market it has to go through the research process. So as to develop into a unique product a standard quality,and in quantity. Thus by maximizing the profits and creating corporate image. Research and development is a systematic gathering recording and analyzing of data about problems techniques relating to the marketing of goods and services. Research and development ascertains the position of a company in the specific industry by indicating the present and future trends of the market.Research and Development and introduction of new products shows the improving status in the present product of the company, hence it reduces the risk involved in marketing decisions. The product that which undergoes through research and development results in accessing and enhancing the effectiveness of sales management. Research is the alone process which can provide first knowledge about the end users and the changing pattern of demand. Thus research and development helps the company to ascertain the market, placing a product in the market and finally selling the product. It can be said that research and development can establish best positive correlation between the product / brand and consumer needs and preferences.

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Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Provides research and development solutions to industry and government in a variety of industrial technologies, services and capabilities.

Research for Development

Provides latest information about research including news, case studies and details of current and past research in over 20,000 project and document records.


Research-based global pharmaceutical company offering pharmaceuticals and striving for individuals health and progress in medicine.

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