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Public relations includes a variety of programmes designed to promote or protect a company's image or its individual products. Publicity is marketing public relations, it is not paid for by the organization. The total process of building good will towards a business enterprise and securing bright public image of the any concern can be meant as public relations. Public relations are often referred to everything that is conducted to improve mutual understanding between an organization and the targeted groups. Communication is the root of public relations. It is the two way communication between the organization and the targeted group to establish understanding based on truth, knowledge and complete information. Public relations is one of the tool of promotional mix designed to improve, maintain or project a company or product image. Since, it is designed to familiarize the general public with a product's characteristics and advantage and an information activities of public relation.

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101 Public Relations

offers a wide variety of special reports, audio products, transcripts and online books.

Airfoil Public Relations

Specializing in marketing communications and public relations for both emerging and established brands as well as traditional businesses.

Leading independent global PR firm specialized capabilities in medical, tourism and finance.

Helps public relations and marketing professionals serve clients better and less expensively.

SHIFT Communications

Public relations and marketing consultancy offering event marketing, consumer products and services.

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