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In spite of the rapid growth of marketing research many companies in the world still fail to use it efficiently, sufficiently and proficiently. Marketing research is otherwise associated as objective gathering, recording and analysis of all facts about problem relating to the transfer and sales of goods and services from the producer to consumer or the end user. It indicates the present and future trends of the industry and thus, points out how the company's affairs are to be managed. Marketing research there by helps the company in knowing the market, placing a product in the market and finally selling the product. It alone can provide first hand knowledge of consumers and changes in the pattern of demand. It establishes best positive correlation between the product / brand and consumer needs and preferences. Thus we can assume that marketing research has become the "corner stone" of any marketing concept. No business firm can be a "Market oriented or customer centered" without the effective use of marketing research. Market research has a bright and delighted future. Thus, any country will have features of matured economy.

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Global Market Insite

A wide range of technology enabled market research services offers software tools to manage market research, employee programs and reports.

An international market research and business intelligence firm offers online marketing research, forecasting, analyzes and customer satisfaction studies.

Offers more than 200,000 market research reports from over 650 leading global publishers.

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