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Branding otherwise known as ” ESTABLISHING SYMBOL”. The term symbol is a combination of those which are for the purpose of enabling customers as well as the manufacturer to identify the concerned product. Each product has a special and unique brand name such as surf, tata, chelpark Ink, Sony. It is the practice of giving a specified name to the product or group of products from one seller. The specified name creates Individuality in the product. Branding should communicate something about a product's benefits, its use, quality, nature, performance or action. It should be short, simple and easy to pronounce and remember. Thus good brands help in building the corporate image. Perhaps, branding creates pleasant associations'. communication, thus tends itself to visual interpretation. True communication takes place only when message is interpreted in the same way by both the parties (that is) the sender and the receiver. Communication involves sharing of meaningful information and concepts by the sender and the receiver about products and about the companies selling them. Feedback is the reverse flow of communication from consumer to the marketer. Thus a competitive communication and a distinctive brand can facilitate to advertise the quality and size of the company.

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is a professional telephone answering service tailored to the needs of the smaller business.


Provides resources and services on branding. Includes brand development and management.

Online exchange and resource about branding.

Naked Ideas

A London-based branding and communications agency offers development of brands.

Noesis Design

Noesis Design are a branding agency based in London. With a focus on an integrated approach, they have worked on branding projects big and small for a variety of companies. More Details

Renfrew Group

Located in UK. Specializing in branding and marketing communications.

The Brand Consultancy-Brand Consulting Services

The Brand Consultancy's focus is entirely on leveraging your brand by aligning all aspects of your business with it, unlocking its full potential. More Details

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