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Direct Marketing is a interactive system of marketing which uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response and transaction at any location. These markets have attracted the attention of different section of the society like Government, producers and Educational Institutions. But it is almost impossible to estimate accurately the overall cost of marketing functions and services. However, many marketing experts have tried to calculate the marketing cost and have found that marketing cost account for about 50% of the price paid by the consumers. These are 3 alternatives in direct marketing to its consumers, one may be sale through advertising and direct methods are mail order selling, and the other would be sale through travelling, sales force that is door to door selling,scattered consumers who buy are in very small quantities. Hence, this channel is not popular for a wider market.

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Online direct mail marketing solutions includes printing, campaigns and mailing list services.

Offers database marketing & data processing services, database management and consulting services.

Offers a broad range of modern and traditional hire equipment including temporary stabling, roadways and walkways, marquees and seating.

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