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Market is a convenient meeting place for buyers and sellers to gather in order to conduct buying and selling activities. One of the selling activities in this modern society takes place through the new technology called Internet. In this kind of selling there is no face to face contact between the buyers and sellers. It is one of the marketing system that is gaining popularity, rapidly because it eases the burden of transportation distance. Here buying happens in seconds of time as it suits the tastes and preferences of the buyer or the consumers. It has a wider choice in products for its end users. In this Internet Marketing, Marketers are interested in the roles and relative influence of the husband, wife, children and parents on the purchase of a large variety of products and services. The marketer is interested in knowing which member normally has the greater influence on the purchase of a particular product or services. Internet marketing is also called as E-business. The process of buying and selling of products and services across a telecommunication network helps increase the sales activity and leads to profit maximization. Due to the busy scheduled business, none of us have time for shopping, thus internet marketing facilitates for easy comparison shopping, one stop shopping, wider products availability, access to global markets, quicker delivery of information and very quicker delivery of products.

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