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Investing is the commitment or decision to purchase financial instruments or financial assets in order to retain profit maximization of the invested capital. Investing is the action that involves postponing present consumption and saving the same for future use. Investing is involved in many areas of an economy. Investing may be done in various financial areas, but it truly depends on individual decision. The different areas of investing are real estate property, stock market, shares of a company, bonds and debentures. The investing is made through intermediaries such as banks, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies and investment companies. These investing are benefited with a percentage of interest rates. Thus, investing comes with risk of the amount invested and the risk depends on what type of investment is being made. Investing may be for a business management or an organization, household finance, governments firms or society. A lesser risky category of investment is the fixed deposit and saving deposit of the bank. Investing in real estate is a good option.






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