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Computers are now affecting every sphere of human activity and bringing about many changes in industry, government, education, medicine, scientific research, law, social sciences and even in arts like music and painting. Computers are built to carry out a small variety of instructions. A computer may thus be thought of as a servant who mould carry out instructions obediently, uncritically at a very high speed and without exhibiting any emotions. An algorithm expressed using a precise notation is called a computer program. The computer's processing unit interprets the instructions in the programs executes them and sends the results to the output unit. The areas of application of computers are confined only by limitations on human creativity and imagination; in fact any task that can be carried out systematically using a precise step by step method can be performed by a computer. Therefore it is essential for every educated person today to know about a computer, its strengths, its weakness and its internal structure. Computers are machines which can help mankind in many ways, but they do not threaten us.






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• CSK Holdings Corporation

Provides IT systems service, software development, facilities management, and data entry services.

• DVD Duplication

Nationwide provider of DVD duplication and replication services. More Details

• Fluid IT Services-Cloud Solutions and Services

Offers all cloud solution packages and ongoing support for every cloud service and more. More Details

• IBM.com

Offers computer products, service and support solutions for building and maintaining network computing environments.

• Laptop Deals-Dell.com

Laptop deals from Dell open the door to great products from Inspiron to XPS to Alienware. More Details

• Printer Ink-Aussie Cartridges

Offers all the brands of printer ink and toner cartridges, includes Canon, HP, Epson at various prices. More Details

• Small Business Computer Support-StarOfficeSystems

Provides IT services, support, computer repairs and maintenance for small and medium businesses. More Details

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