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It is a study of family history. It studies the family relationship and ancestry. It is a popular hobby in many countries. Some people keep track of their family history information or data in a genealogy data base on their computer. Some are showed their family history using a family tree. A family tree is a diagram of the members of a family. With a family tree it is observed that how people are related for example people who are married or have children. Examples of some data that are saved in the data base are places of birth, marriages & death. The other information that are saved are sources of military service census records which show where their ancestors lived, immigration data. Education qualification, occupation or designation and even some times photographs of the ancestors. The advantages or the merits of using genealogy database are that it helps to keep the track of organized records, especially when relationships change. Thus it helps to guard several types of charts & tables. Perhaps it can be concluded that people study genealogy {that is the family history } is studied for plenty reasons, among them some reasons are someone be re-united with their family after war, family disaster, foster care or adoption, finding, leaving relatives, their ancestors track their hereditary disease. It is even used to keep the track of health that has been inherited from their ancestors.

Website Listings

American Genealogy Magazine

Information pertaining to databases, books, and articles for tracing family network.


Offers chat room, surname forum and related links.

Doukhobor Genealogy Website

Provides Internet resource for Doukhobor genealogy and history, stories and articles, message boards and related links.

Gain knowledge of how to search family records using the internet resources for genealogy.

Source to find genealogy related information's, blogs, family tree chart, research and more.

Irish Genealogy in Canada

Offers helpful links includes ship lists, lineages, and surname lists.

Provides detail description of ships, articles for the online genealogist, emigrant database and genealogy forum.

Slekt in Troms Norway

Helps to bring together genealogists researching their own ancestry with others researching in the Troms area.

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