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A family is a primary social group, a small community, in any society, typically consisting of a man and a woman, or any two individuals who wish to share their lives together in a long-term committed relationship with one another, raising offspring and usually resides in the same dwelling. Family is a basic unit of social structure, the exact definition of which can vary greatly from time to time and from culture to culture. Family is the main building block of a community; family structure and upbringing determines the social character and personality of any society. - Family is where an individual tries to learn: love, caring, compassion, ethics, honesty, fairness, common sense, reason, peace, conflict resolution, and respect for themselves and others, which are the vital fundamental skills. Family values, are necessary to live an honorable and prospers life in harmony, in the world community. On the basis of marriage: Family has been classified into three major types: Polygynous family, Polyandrous family, Monogamous family. On the basis of the nature of residence family can be classified into three main forms. Family of matrilocal residence, Family of patrilocal residence, Family of changing residence. On the basis of ancestry or descent family can be classified into two main types, matrilineal family, and patrilineal family. On the basis of size or structure and the depth of generations family can be classified into two main types. Nuclear or the single unit family, Joint family. On the basis of the nature of relations among the family members the family can also be distinguished. Thus, families are factories which produce human personalities.

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Provides links, news, information about agencies and support organizations.

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Focus on the Family

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The UK's leading family support organisation, offers practical help and reassurance to families.

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An independent national not-for-profit research and educational organization, provides resource on Canadian family trends.

Online community for twins and parents of twins, offers twin games, photo gallery, twin events and more.

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