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An alternative medicine involves using only non-traditional methods. Alternative medicine can be understood as any health practice that takes place of western medicine practice or activities. Alternative medicine include a broad range of therapies and are unlike ancient Chinese beliefs like acupuncture with the use of herbs and other therapies focus on ayurvedic that include therapies of yoga, which emphasize the connection between mind, spirit and body. On the other hand one must surely understand or differentiate between alternative and complementary medicines because they have completely different meaning to them. Thus, complementary medicine may involve non-traditional medical practices along with traditional healing approaches. The examples of alternative medicines include naturopathy, chiropractic, ayurvedic, homeopathy and acupuncture.





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Website Listings

• Absolute Life Wellness Center

A chiropractic clinic, helping patients with various conditions and injuries. We serve Austin, TX and beyond. We also provide nutrition counseling for our patients. More Details

• Alternative Medicine Foundation

Provides information on alternative medicine, complementary medicine, labyrinth meditation tibetan medicine and herbal therapies.

• Cuherbal.com

Offers pure natural herbal Medicine products for your lifestyle. CuHerbal for Men's and Women's Health, General Health, Weight Loss,Stop smoking, Party Pills.

• Healthy.Net

Provides resource on wellness, traditional, natural health, health problems, complementary and alternative medicine information.

• Mata Minus Dan Katarak-Eye Care Softgel Obat

Eye care softgel green world di buat dari racikan khusus untuk solusi obat mata minus dan katarak, yaitu terbuat dari ekstraksi buah blueberry, eyebright, ginkgo biloba , lutein, riboflavin, taurine, ekstrak biji anggur, Vitamin A dan Zinc. More Details

• National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Provides information about CAM and responsibility research, training, and dissemination of data to the public & professionals.

• NaturalRemedies.org

Provides online guide to alternative medicine and holistic health. More Details

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