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Weight Loss occurs due to reduction of body mass, due to loss of fluid, body fat. The poor management of balanced food intake leads to weight loss. Weight loss can be of two types and they are intentional weight loss, as the name itself suggests, it is intentionally done to lose weight in an effort to improve health and stay fit to change the body appearances. While unintentional weight loss occurs due to serious diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes and much other disease. Weight loss in any individual occurs due to a state of imbalance energy like the body does more of work and gains less nutritional supply, thus it leads to a state of weight loss. If one has a good figure not only it enables an individual to flaunt her body but also helps in boosting one's confidence.

Website Listings

Cathys Weightloss Diary

Provides health improvement techniques, including photos, news, links and daily updates.

Exercise Routines to Lose Weight

Source to find the latest exercise routines and diet information, offers weight training, lifting exercises and tips. More Details

Online blog offers product news & review and free tips to help consumers lose weight. More Details

My Diet Buddy

Provides personal health and fitness progress, diet buddies, tips, and ideas.

Shape Up America

Provides information about weight management, physical fitness, exercise and diet.

Provides information on weight loss, exercise, diet, recipes, diet, and fitness.

Weight Loss Database

Find information about weight loss, learn how to exercise effectively, how to eat right and more.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Reference and educational information on weight loss methods and strategies, news and research on weight loss products and diet programs, nutrition facts of foods and supplements for losing weight healthily.

Weight Watchers

Source to find fitness, weight loss training, strength, and nutrition.

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