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The age of the macho man who doesn't care about his health is likely behind us for good. While men are still much less likely than women to seek medical care, annual check-ups, or follow a regimented health and fitness program, there has been an increased focus on male health in recent years. The factors to stay healthy have not changed over the years and remain fairly obvious. They include not smoking or chewing tobacco, getting consistent exercise, following a healthy diet (less saturated fat and cholesterol), controlling your weight, and getting annual check-ups with your doctor. Men's health incorporates a variety of unique health situations that require special attention. Any men in the family are the earning member who bears the responsibility more than women do. Men face every pressured situation possible in their day to day activities.

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Resource for men health test, relationships, lifestyle, mind, voice and tests provided by Department of Health in Hong Kong.

Mens Health Month

Gives information about health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.


Men's health and nutrition. Provides information about weight loss, guide to exercise, health from the world's largest men's magazine. More Details

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