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Training is a short term process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which non-managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose. The training policy represents the top management's commitments to the training of its employees and comprises rules and procedures governing the standard of scope of training. No organization can get a candidate who exactly matches with the job and the organizational requirements. Hence training is important to develop the employees and make him suitable to the job. The training concept that works towards value addition to any company through human resource development. Organizational efficiency, productivity, progress and development to a greater extent depends on training. Training is important as it constitutes creativity and contribution for the organization. If the required training is not provided it leads to performance failure of employees.

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Department for Employment and Learning

Find information about job opportunities, training courses, and apprenticeship services.

Directorate General of Employment & Training

Provides information on training institutes and employment schemes.

Offers recruitment and training services in different employment sectors, including finance jobs, secretarial jobs, customer service jobs, and sales jobs.

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