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Recruitment is a process of reaching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization. The recruitment techniques or methods are the means or media by which management contracts prospective employees and provide necessary information or exchange ideas. Recruitment is based on to factors or sources and they include internal sources and external sources. Internal sources include personal needs, which are filled through transfers and promotions. Under external sources include personal needs are filled by advertisements, personnel consultants, employment exchanges, educational institution, waiting lists, unsolicited applications, present employees, jobbers and contractors, leasing. Recruitment keeps the employee happy and in good morale and creates a sense of security among employees. The prospects of getting a new post inspire the workers to keep on adding their knowledge. The management has up-to-date information about the capacity, experience, skills etc, of each employee and this helps management in deciding suitability for the new job and duties.

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Specializes in job recruitment, and training services.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Placement firm specializing in searching job opportunities for different fields.

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