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A reference book that lists and explains words of a language or gives equivalent words in another language can be referred to as a dictionary. It focuses on defining words and phrases, including multiple meanings. Language dictionaries are made for different types of users: scholars, office workers, schools, and second language learners. English language dictionaries characteristically include hyphenation information, pronunciation guides, part of speech, alternate spellings, etymological information, sample sentences, usage notes, and sometimes synonyms. There are many competing dictionaries put out by different companies. Not only do they have different forms paperback, hardbound, and online editions but they differ in other ways. Many dictionaries include their experts' guidance on grammar, usage, and the history of the English language. There are other types of language dictionaries besides the Standard English dictionary. There are also dictionaries for the different dialects of English, dictionaries for other languages, and bilingual dictionaries that help you translate from one language to another. There are dictionaries of living languages and dictionaries of languages that are preserved only in fragments of ancient manuscript, and dictionaries that address specialized areas of language use, such as idioms.

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