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It's a kind of book of reference that helps to know the details of the particular area of the city which an individual is interested in. It gives information about the places of attraction, their main activities, and restaurants, the cultures and traditions, food habits, festivals, gods' and goddess's temples, monuments, old buildings, shopping centers and so on . It gives information on accommodation and must visit places. It will usually include details, such as phone numbers, addresses, prices, and reviews of hotels and other lodgings, restaurants, and activities. Maps of varying detail are often included. It guides the visitors and creates a view about the place he wants to visit. It provides information on the facilities and activities in and around, the area guide includes, living information, weather, and public affairs. Unlike a guide is a person who leads anyone through unknown or unmapped country, hence an area guide is a book that leads visitors through the new locations visited or near future visits.

Website Listings

Aber Info

Offers comprehensive informative guides on hotels, food and drink, transport and maps, leisure and services in Aberystwyth in Mid Wales.

Provides content of thousands of cities and towns in the United States and Canada and an increasing number of international locations.


An online area guide that accomplishes information about Cambridge and England and about their hotels, guest houses, shops, restaurants and estate agents.

Features a wide rand of hotels, restaurants and relocation and local information for destinations worldwide.

My Notting Hill

Explores a curious mix in London such as clubs and restaurants, bars, property, shopping and job search.

Spain Info

Provides autonomous information about the regions, towns, history and culture of Spain and tourism guide.


Offers area guides in Suffolk, England and about their resources such as accommodation, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, property, travel and transport facilities.

Up My Street

Offers information on schools, crime, council tax, transport and schools.

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