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Electronic business or e-business is the process of buying and selling of products and services across a telecommunication network. E-business is a marketplace where businesses are using internet technologies. Although there are many different ways to categorize e-business and they are business to consumer, business to business, business to government, consumer to consumer, consumer to business. It helps to increase sales opportunities and decreases the transaction costs. It is an operation which is carried out 24/7 and provides for access to global markets. E-business is more advantageous because it can reach narrow markets and has an increased speed and accuracy of information exchange.

Website Listings

e-Business Watch

Provides reliable empirical information about the extent and nature of e-business developments in Europe.

E-Commerce Times

Provides news, reports, product reviews, and IT information.


Provides information to help you start an Online Business.

Newsletter Tips

Gives Internet business information, tips, links and analysis.

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