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Management is a distinct process consisting of activities like planning, organizing, actuating and controlling performance. Management is required in every form of group activity whether it is a family an army, government or a business enterprise. The approach and style of management may differ from one organization to another. Management is an unseen or invisible force. It's a systematic body of theoretical knowledge as well as the practical application through which it directs the active operations within the enterprise and combines the work of the employees with the available capital, equipment and materials to produce an acceptable product. Management includes all the managers of the company. Management may be classified as managers at different levels, namely top level managers, middle level managers and lower level managers. Management is rapidly evolving as a true profession with definable principles and with a body of reference points strong enough to differentiate managers from non managers and to correlate basic goals for its members regardless of the nature of their business. Today, management has developed into a separate individual technique with its own principles and techniques. These principles are known to every managers.


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• Bain & Company

Global business consulting firm, offers decisions on strategy, operations, mergers & acquisitions, technology and organization.

• HOA Management Directory

Comprehensive listing of HOA management companies nationwide and source to find a local management company to service your community.

• Management Help

Provides Comprehensive resources regarding the leadership and management of yourself, groups and organizations.

• The Boston Consulting Group

The worlds advisor on business strategy and general management consulting company.

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