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Fraternal organizations are a group or a company that is formed with a common interest or includes a same professionalism. Fraternal is based on the Latin word Frater which means brother. A fraternal organization is a formal organization. Fraternity organization can be referred to the following such as a trade union, secret society, a social club, friendly society and a benefit club. The fraternal organization is entirely different from other socially formed organization. In a fraternal kind of organization members freely associate with each other for a mutual understanding rather than for religious purpose, governmental policies or for any commercial purpose.


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Website Listings

• Fraternal World

Provides article, news, links to fraternal organizations, message board and chat room.

• Freemasonry.fm

Offers current news, reference sites, blogs, forums, museums, libraries, magazines, and research.

• Organization Fraternal

Source to find information on lodges, temples, legions, masonic, associations and more.

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