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Flags usually known to communicate across language barriers. For hundreds of years people have used as emblems, signals or rallying points .Every country has its own flag as to do with many states and most political organization .There are different symbols that are kept as a prized possessions.The symbols that nations hold dear are their countries flag. These flags are moved in the air as the honour in every country .When the flag is honored in the country, it shows the equality among the citizens of the nations. A national flag is a flag that symbolizes the country. The flag is flown by the government, but usually can be flown by citizens of the country as well. There is a great deal of protocol involved in the proper display of national flag .A general rule is that the national flag should be flown in the position of honour. Thus flags are meant to be a unique symbol for any country and spread the feeling of unity & equality.

Website Listings

3D Flags
Provides comprehensive online resource for 3D animated flags.
Provides detailed information about Australian flags of the past and current and designs for a new flag.
Custom Flags-The-Flag-Makers.com
Supplier of custom flags offers digital print, screen print for business and personal use around worldwide. More Details
The Citizens Flag Alliance
Supports passageway of an improvement to the United States formation that will protect the U.S. Flag from physical despoliation.
The Flag-Burning Page
Provides collection of information on flag despoliation. Includes a record of U.S. Flag law, editorials, cartoons and clarification.

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