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Bermuda is an Island on the Atlantic Ocean and off the east coast of North America. The island forms one corner of the well-known Bermuda Triangle. It is a string of 138 Island and tiny Islets. Hamilton is the capital city of Bermuda. The town of Hamilton was founded in 1788 and was named after Sir Henry Hamilton. It also serves as the hub of local and international businesses. The natives of Bermuda are called Bermudians and the currency is Bermudian dollar. Majority of Bermuda is made of Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and African Methodists. English is the official language of Bermuda and some people speak Portuguese as well. Bermuda cuisine is influenced by West Indian, Portuguese, and American cuisine. Its staple is fish chowder, although fish is the main source of protein, people also consume other meats like beef, pork and lamb. Potential mineral resources in the area include bauxite, phosphate gold, lead, silver, zinc, iron, tin, copper, and nickel.







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