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The second largest continent, Africa is dominated in the north by the vast Sahara desert and in the east by the Great Rift Valley. Most of Africa is a high plateau covered with deserts, lush rainforest and dry grassland. Africa contains the world's longest river—the 6650km-long Nile River running from Burundi to Egypt. Modern humans, Homo sapiens, are believed to have originated in East Africa somewhere between Ethiopia and Kenya. Africa is the second most populous content, home to roughly 12 percent of all humans or 840 million people. Cairo is the largest city with over nine million inhabitants. Africa has eight percent of the world's oil reserves and produces nearly 50 percent of the gold in the world and also produces 50 percent of the diamonds in the world. Arabs put their mark on Africa starting in the seventh century A.D. and spread Islam throughout the country. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, European powers began to dominate and eventually colonize much of Africa. In the mid to late twentieth century, most African nations gained independence and is currently considered the poorest continent on Earth.

Website Listings

Acacia Africa
Offers a variety of ways to tour and enjoy in the continent of Africa and provides links to contact, specials and tour information.
Africa Foundation
Offers information on the history of the foundation, goals and objectives, projects, where they work, needs, achievements, trustees and staff.
Africa Guide
Comprehensive travel guide to Africa with detailed information on safaris, accommodation, books, maps, music, videos, art and craft, daily news headlines, and much more.
Africa Intelligence
Information covering Africa with a database of 80,000 articles with geographic and thematic divisions of info given.
Africa Leadership Forum
Provides information on programmes, publications, past programmes, partners, media, events and updates.
Africa News
Online media company running an international and multimedia platform focusing on Africa.
Source for information on African country such as map, travel, hotel, music, news, charity and African blog.
All Out Africa
Founded in 2004 by Kim Roques and operates in Swaziland, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique, company focusing on providing responsible travel experiences.
Offering information on architecture, engineering and construction in Africa.
Economic Commission for Africa
United Nations commission that mandates and supports the economic and social development of its 53 member States.

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