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Travel can be referred to as a journey often for pleasure or business purpose with luggage from one place to another. Travel may be regional, local, national and international. Traveling may be done through human powered transport like bicycling, walking or through human powered transport like bicycling, walking or through owned vehicles, public transport, trains, flights etc. Travel is done as recreational activity as a business trip, to visit people in other countries or for tourism purpose and many other traveling activities are entertained for numerous other reasons to obtain health care, to find food or territory, to escape danger or oppression, for trade and exploration and pleasure. While transportation from simple pre historic rafts to arrival of supersonic passenger flights transport has a long history. The most important invention in the transport history is the wheel. An organized transportation system is the dream of every country and transportation involves public transportation and private transportation. Public transport is the transportation facilitated by the existing government of the country, while private transport is the transport which is flexible and has no predetermined root or scheduled time.


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Website Listings

• Airfrance.com

Provides online booking services, trip planning, ticket prices and flight availability and flight information.

• American Airlines

Offers flight reservations, schedules, tickets, travel planning resources, membership, and company news.

• Easyjet.com

Based in UK, offers flights to European destinations, including online reservations, tickets, trip planning resources.

• FidosRide.com

provides small animal and pet transport services throughout the 17 east coast states of maine, new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, virginia and more. More Details

• Travel.com

Offers links to agents, hotels, cars, cruises, forums and destination guides.

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